Codecademy platform quirks in "Switch Statement" exercise

This exercise is really getting on my nerves. First, the interpreter will not accept my solution due to the white spaces. Somehow it was getting my output as blank/none (“”). I fixed it by rearranging my code to 4 spaces before ‘echo’ and ‘break’ elements and 2 spaces before each ‘case’ element, like below.

case “maroon”:
echo “hazardous”;

Logically my code was perfectly fine. What I find weird, is getting blank results from my code?
How can Switch/Case conditional produce blank result? Who not throw an error?
That is annoying.

Then it does not accept the code due to below error. [edit - fixed this, pls see below]


Ok, I fixed the second one. Obviously, British ‘colour’ is not the same as US ‘color’ :slight_smile:
I missed that.