Codecademy output console stopped working


In the middle of a class, the output console pane of the Codecademy page stopped working and has not worked since. I write some code, click Run, and nothing happens. At all. Ever. No output, no errors, nothing. Just a blank console. I have tried:

  • Logging out and back in
  • Completely clearing browser cache
  • Using several different supported browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Rebooting my computer
  • Starting a new class

None of it has helped. I can’t see the output of any code I create on the Codecademy page anymore. Anybody have any idea what’s wrong?

I can’t sat for certain if they’d help but check these two links for a bit of detail on troubleshooting-

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It could also be that you have to type a command in the console to get it to run?