Codecademy on Kyrgyz


Few years ago I’ve seen that there are some courses available on Kyrgyz language. Now I cannot find them.
Could anyone tell me where I can get them?
I’m interested in the texts of the courses.


Some thing like in this link?

Yes, this is Kyrgyz language. I’m from Kyrgyzstan.

For example I’ve found one lesson
available on kyrgyz, but how can I find all courses translated into kyrgyz?

Err… I don’t know of any other. Maybe @codementor could help!

@codementor ? Why is he able to help???

Err… Should have been @zystvan . He’s a codecademy mentor!

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@4unkur I’m not aware of any official list of all courses available in Kyrgyzstan, and changing the language in the URL doesn’t work on a lot of the exercises, because most don’t seem to have been translated in that language.

I did a search for all web courses on Codecademy in Kyrgyzstan and got a bunch of results back, though:

You could change the web-beginner to javascript-beginner, python-beginner, ruby-beginner, or whichever other course you want to take, and see if it’s available in Kyrgyzstan then.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


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