Codecademy on android smartphone via internet

Probably my question can sound stupid since I have no clue in technical part of it but anyway…
App is good, but for me it’s ok to access codecadamy even from browser.
Is it complicated to make it work from google chrome under android? Or it’s almost the same as to make an app for android?

Use a desktop/laptop as its the best, unfortunately the courses doesn’t work on mobile devices, some of the courses(the old ones) can be accessed on mobile but it’s quite difficult…

It’s a pity, because I was already coding a bit on android using qpython, but you need to copy the code there and back again from/to pc.

I’m just here to tell you that didn’t know you could do on codecademy on Android too…

While on Android Chrome click on the Chrome menu then click on request desktop site.
you’ll be accessing all of them codecademy courses from your Android device,
and that’s it hope this tip will spread along

I’ve tried it before but it’s not displayed correctly. You can’t move the page or change its size in chrome under android.

Yes it won’t work with the new courses, the older courses which have a different UI it will work but really difficult,

Only option is use a desktop/laptop plus its much easier to see and work with, a bigger work space makes everything easier !