Codecademy obsolete, still accessible courses (still bringing points, badges... and knowledge!)

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Codecademy obsolete, still accessible quizzes


These courses will all be gone in October, 2017, so glean what you can in the meantime.

This is one to definitely get under one’s belt as an introduction to Big O…


Another module that is a must see, while it’s available…

A useful module covering the Date object:


This module covers recursion in a change making program. Very good practice, indeed.


In the final lesson, ‘Victory!’, the SCT will fail if the data looks like this.

    coinNames: ["five dollar bills", "one dollar bills", "quarters", "dimes", "nickels", "pennies"],
    currency: [5.00, 1.00, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05, 0.01],

although the code runs fine and gives the correct result. To pass, remove the “nickels” and 0.05 from their respective arrays. The output will be 9 pennies instead of 1 nickel, 4 pennies.


Finding the Old Forums for Off-track Courses

While working on the exercises for these off-track courses, you may need help for various reasons. Most notably, some of them have buggy submission correctness tests (SCTs), and as a result, even if you follow the instructions diligently, you may get this …

57 AM

Many of these courses had lively Codecademy discussion forums that still exist in read-only form. However the exercise pages do not include direct links to them. If you click on this button …

06 AM

… it will take you to the general Codecademy Discuss page rather than to a forum dedicated to the specific off-track course that you are attempting to complete.

To find the old forum for a course, if it exists …

  • Browse to one of the exercises in the course.
  • Copy the url in the browser address bar.
  • Open a new window in the browser.
  • Paste the url into the address bar there.
  • Within the url, change courses to forums.
  • Remove the section and exercise designator numbers at the end of the url.
  • Hit Enter or Return to open the page.

As an example, the url for one of the exercises in Teach Yourself Python is …


After changing courses to forums, we have …


After stripping off the section and exercise designators at the end, we have …


Here is the live url for the Teach Yourself Python Forum …


Hi Roy,
are you sure that they will be gone this month?
Have a nice day!


Not with any certainty. I only know that they have a very limited life remaining as the composer interface has to be retired.


NOTE: On July 5, 2018 Codecademy retired the content listed here, as equivalent skills are taught by Codecademy’s new content.