Codecademy not letting me write the while loop code. Help if possible please


I am on the 'All on your own' exercise of the php while loop section.

I am not being allowed to write my code. Each time I attempt to write it I get the message: **The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops.** I don't actually get to finish my code, let alone run it. Below is the code that I get to, before the pop up message is triggered. My intention is to increment $loopCount by one each time through the loop, so I do not seem to be producing an infinite loop. Hence my confusion about the message.

   $loopCount= 0;
   while($loopCount <10){


i had the same thing....try to finish the rest of the code ignore the compiler copy the code reset the code refresh the page so its back to it's original state and paste all of the code back in. Try that to see of it works it did for me once, hope this helps.


Hi arcblaster, it worked! Thanks very much.


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