Codecademy Mobile App - can't practice/review old courses?

I completed the Learn Python 3 course on Codecademy, and I downloaded the mobile app (android) in order to practice/review the materials as I move on to other courses. However, now that I’ve completed the course, I cannot access the review/practice sessions on the app–anyone know how to fix this or get around this issue?

I completed Learn the Command Line as well, and that seems to be working on the app.
I’m currently going through Learn Intermediate Python 3 and that is working fine as well

screenshot of the app:

Yea, it’s been like this for at least 6 months or more. (The DS 2021 path is like this as well).

You can access it, just click at the top (dark blue area) and then the whole course menu appears, then select the area you’d like to practice.

Whatever courses are on your CC dashboard appear here in the app.