Codecademy --- Make a Website Course

So I just completed the Codeacademy – Make a Website Course and would like to create something using the skills I just learned. What should I create — Any suggestions ?

Well, you create a website about something you are passionate about (programming?)

You can use notepad++ to create the required files, and then host them on github pages (guide thanks to zystvan)(github pages)

Guess I’m pretty keen about finding ways to better manage money — never been good with money, being promised an inheritance didn’t do my career any good. (I totally lost all my motivation and drive and kept wasting money, blowing tons of money, dropped out of college a few times and got my visa denied)

I want to create a website to help users better manage, invest, keep track of their money and finances.

Sounds like a good idea for a website. You can create a website with this as theme

Yup sounds good … Would be good if I can find a way to add in those algorithmic trading features as well. i.e. Using automated systemised trading rules to invest money in the stock market. When 1 simple moving average crosses over another and there’s a certain volume and volatility , but the stock and when certain conditions are met, short the stock. I read in the TurtleTraders book that such systemised rules can generate huge returns for individual investors.

I highly encourage you to get into webmaster while trying to make anything public. Learn about ftp, cpanels, hosting, domains, databases etc. These are all vital things you’ll need to know to maintain your website.