Codecademy light theme


Hello to all.

I'll be concise:

Why there is only the dark theme for the edit panel in courses?????

As long as there will be only that dark theme, I'll not use codecademy.


(refer also to that post:


Hi @bestdragon,

Codecademy talks about their decision to go with a dark theme for the editor in this post:

I think it's unlikely that a light theme will come, since there's very small demand for it relative to some other features.

You may be able to use a browser extension to modify the appearance of the editor.

Thanks for letting us know about your desire for a light theme!


Hi @zystvan,

the color chosen are simply horrible and for the java course the blue for the { } are simply unreadable...

And then, the readability of the editor IS MUCH IMPORTANT.

I think, instead, that codecademy doesn't WANT to make it.

At the start the editor was light! So, they made a modify to make it dark...


@bestdragon I don't know of any addons that specifically change a website to a lighter theme (light-to-dark addons are much more popular), but you may be able to use a custom stylesheet. Stylish is a popular extension for that:

And then, the readability of the editor IS MUCH IMPORTANT.

Yes, definitely. However, it's about what works best for the most people, and most developers prefer a dark theme. You're the first person I recall encountering who disliked the dark editor theme, and I've been helping out on the forums for a few years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If possible, tweaking your screen's color settings may help you see better on Codecademy too.


I always loved the dark theme, the problem with the codecademy's theme is the colors chosen: are horrible... Because of that I hate that choice.


I don't mind using the dark theme, but when I am outside, it is very hard to use. I can barely find the cursor. Most other editors have a way to change the theme, so I can switch to light when outside.