CodeCademy Learn vs CodeCademy Forums

I notice how we have a streak on CodeCademy for both the Learn section and the Forums section. Are these streaks the same? -So for instance, does one day of learning on CodeCademy (but without visiting the Forum) also give you a streak to the Forum?


I think they contribute to the same streak counter; just when you do it on CC Learn, the message is different from when you do it on the forums.

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Ohh I see, thank you so much for letting me know! :+1:

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I’m not so certain that’s true. I’ve lost a streak on the coding side on a day I’m fairly confident I was on the forums. Could easily be human error on my part though so I’d be happy to be corrected. I’ve still not figured it out.

Forum activity should extend the streak on the main learning site, but I don’t know whether it’s local time or US Eastern that determines the rollover.

Also think it’s dependent on posting, in case there was a day when you felt like lurking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah. Well there’s no gap (on the forum activity side, lurking hah) so far as local time goes but if it’s Eastern time then it could’ve slipped through which seems likely in this case (unless there’s something else). It was hardly a deserved “coding” streak at the time so it wasn’t a real concern but I can understand how it could be handy for motivation for many, myself included.

That makes sense actually… I guess that also explains the “participating in the Forums extends your coding streak” :grin:

I was just wondering if it works the other way around, too?