Codecademy isn't free (?)


I’ve been searching here and there for a good place to learn coding, free is better and codecademy popped up a few times, free free free it says.

So i go to code academy I click learn Java and as far as i can tell the ‘introduction to java’ course i did was little more than a demo and Codecademy is not the ‘learn to code for free’ it claims to be as after the first course it states get pro.

Am i missing something, is there a button that allows access to the actual courses or is the free just a lure?

Don’t get me wrong, $20.00 a month aint bad, i’m just checking if the learn to code for free part is just misinformation…


There are other free courses (python, ruby, javascript (both es5 and es6)) and more, but its also true that there is a paid tier. Of course codecademy is trying to promote the paid courses, from a business point of view that make sense.


So did i finish the only java course they have or are the rest hidden from me till i PAY? :slight_smile:


They are not hidden? They should be on the main site:

try the my courses button, it should list all the free courses


I click my courses, ‘learn java’ is at 100% i click ‘add another course’, i see no further Java courses available :confused:


I am a new user here as well. From what I gather, you are not going to learn every detail in depth about using the free version of Code Academy. I would suggest starting with this site, also checking out (free coding library), and looking at other free sources before paying for anything.


the java course isn’t that big indeed, but there are other languages

@ksofakos, w3schools is not a very good resource, some information is outdated, takes a long time to update, some bad practices. Its not all bad, but you have to be careful when using w3schools.


If i paid $20 a month at codecademy would i be able to learn java? (other than the introductory course),
My goal is Java, i’m not after Python or Ruby, i dabbled in Ruby some time ago, although it seems ‘nice’ it seemed limited, restricting. ( i used Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby (a great guide) ) and if i was to choose between python and Java, Java is definitely more widely used/recognized, less restricting? and ‘above’ python?

(Also sorry i think i may have at the start put this in the javascript forum and not the java forum, new here n was not 100% on the forums)


it would unlock the quizzes and freeform projects of java and the other languages offered by codecademy

Python is the most popular i think, after Java. Don’t get too hung up on learning just the language, learning concepts is also important. A good programmer knows more then one language.

If its more Java you are after, i think you need to find another resource


@stetim94 Ah, thanks for the advisement. Like I said, I am a new user here. Heck, I haven’t coded anything since at least 15 years ago.


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