Codecademy is Wrong?!


Guys i dont want to say this
But i think Codecademy is teaching us Wrong

because iam making a game in unity and its diffrent than i learned
like this
In Unity

function Update (){

you see what i mean in codecademy there is nothing like that debug.log = console.log in code cademy
Can somebody explain to me whats happing

Sorry for my bad english


but unity is written in C# if i am not mistaken, that is completely different programming language then javascript.

of course then you have different syntax. That is like saying: I learned english, and now i can't speak german


No, Unity supports 3 languages
And one more language i dont remember
I choose js beacause i am learning it here (Codecademy)But it's diffrent


boo is the third one, yes, but it still different of course. It is still unityscript (javascript for unity) of course then there are differences. unity doesn't use pure javascript, that is a illisiuoun.


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