Codecademy in Spanish


I Have a problem with the spanish version of this page. I try to learn Java Script and others lenguages in spanish (America latina) and since today the page show me this mesage on the top: "As of July 5, 2018, JavaScript is no longer supported. Try our Introduction To JavaScript course instead. "

What happened with the Spanish version?


The old courses are using an interface for which CC no longer has license so support has been dropped. Unfortunately this includes all the international language tracks. Some bugs do have workarounds, but other than that, it may not be possible to complete a track or get a badge for same in the end.

CC regrets that this will be the case for some time to come as it is still in the early stages of launching new products and getting the wrinkles out, before they go to the translation phase. Tricky business, that, and one we can only hope will come to pass eventually.

It is better to learn any programming language in english since most tutorials, books, learning pages and so on are explained in that language. Also it feels more natural since there are things that are made into that way like “for something in variable” used to explain for loops as example.

does this apply to portugueses courses?

Couldn’t you guys make a list of translated courses (which are not cc)?

By ‘you guys’ one expects you refer to Codecademy. I’m not privileged enough to be one of “those guys”, so can’t possibly answer your question.

What I can advise with some certainty is that the license for the interface that was previously deployed has run out, and cannot be renewed owing that a competitor bought it. CC had to shop for another interface, which I’m sure was a huge headache given they are still a startup. That’s like having Ferrari get bought up by McLaren and you can no longer use their engines in an F1 racer. Big blow, and huge kerfuffle, to be sure.

The decision as I recall from a blog post somewhere a couple of years ago was that interpretations of the newer releases in the current interface will depend upon what reliable partnerships can be developed in the coming future, and hinge the interpreted roll-outs upon those partnerships. Someone has to step up to the plate and take on the role.

CC needs to consider franchising this platform so that full fledged roll-outs can be produced and the Pro line able to penetrate the international marketplace. I can see a head offce in São Paulo, not as a division, but a franchise dedicated to the regional language. CC could still stream them State’s side but they would orignate in Brazil. Then, I’m not one of “them” so just talking through my hat…