Codecademy in Microsoft Edge


Anyone else using Codecademy in Microsoft Edge and get a strange bug? Whenever I move on to the next step in a lesson the default code given doesn’t change so I can’t progress.

Works fine in Chrome. I know, “use Chrome”, but honestly I haven’t had a problem with Microsoft Edge so far and I think it isn’t a bad browser. Just wondering if this is a known issue.


I also encounter this problem when using Edge, but it also happens in Chrome and Firefox sometimes (less than in Edge). Non-scientific assessment: It seems to happen more often when I have a slow connection, like when I’m on public WiFi.


Hey Larry, at time of writing we do support Microsoft Edge, but we recommend Google Chrome and Codecademy is optimized most heavily for Google Chrome. That’s the norm for a great many sites across the web, and it’s not as much down to Edge being a “bad browser” so much as making sure that the experience is optimized for the majority of users.

If you feel that you have found a bug or performance issue, consider reporting it!