Codecademy Homepage not Loading

Hey all!

I started having issues yesterday of my Codecademy home page not loading on my desktop. I can access the site on tablet and mobile no problem. Here is what the screen ends up looing like on desktop;

The courses never load in for me to access, though my mouse does change like the buttons are still there. Clicking the links (even the navigation ones) do nothing…

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Currently trying to work on my tablet and it is honestly the worst :upside_down_face:

*note-I did submit help ticket no word yet

For future reference, when posting stuff like this, it’s useful to have the OS, web browser, and if there are any extensions installed on said wb.

Check out this guide:

Thank you so much! I got it fixed!

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What was your solution?

This issue just started happening to me about an hour ago mid working on a course.

clearing my history after re-starting seemed to be what did it for me :slight_smile:

Loading for me now. Must have been temporarily down

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