Codecademy hidden courses


Yeah I saw that link :blue_heart:
Already bookmarked :blush:
I wish I could remember my old loging account.
I had quite a bit of badges on it from previous user courses and challenges like those.

I’ve missed this site, it’s been years.
would of never took the time to learn html and css without it. 1 < 3


So glad you’ve enjoyed the site! Do you not remember the old email addresses you used to use, could have a look through them to see if there’s anything related to CC?


I wish, I’ve been through like 3 - 4 different computers since then? I always change my usernames & emails with new computers. Never kept track of them back then like I do now :roll_eyes:. I appreciate it, though it really isn’t that concerning to me. As long as I’m able to have any account to go through the courses I’m :ok_hand:. Can’t wait tell my next paycheck tho, I’m going to upgrade to the pro… been wanting to for awhile now. :weight_lifting_man::brain:


Speaking of hidden courses, I actually created a repo with some courses


Thanks you for the repo


Being homeschooled is not all it’s cracked up to be! It’s not super easy! sigh :pouting_woman: