Codecademy hidden courses


I didn’t discover these, I found them on a post by

But I thought these are cool and wanted to share:

Data Management for Scientists
Teach Yourself Javascript
Teach Yourself Python
Multimedia Projects
Web Fundamentals Course [Original]
Web Fundamentals Intermediate
Novice Values & Variables BETA
jQuery Original Track
CSS Coding with Style
Advanced CSS Positioning
CfE Computer Science
jQuery and AJAX
Intro to the DOM
How To Make JS Your Own
Christmas Presents - Review of Javascript Objects
The Date Object
Codecademy’s Code Year
Codecademy’s Web Project Track

Extra links here.

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I didn't know they existed until you pointed it out. Thank you! :slight_smile:


These courses are relics from a time when anyone could create their own custom course and beta/temporary courses by Codecademy in the dinosaur ages. These are all abandoned now unless featured on the main courses page, and, as a result, their is little or no support for these courses anymore.


But they are still kinda fun...


They are kind of fun, I have a lot of lists of these courses scattered around the place. Will try to consolidate them somewhere.


Oo this is fun I've found loads. Gonna pin a new post up and make it a wiki I'll fill it with the courses I've got and then feel free to add these and others to it, should get it done within about 10/15 minutes.


You sound so excited about that Alex :wink:


@turtwigpo I found this course you posted:

Some time ago.

That is a really fun course!

Thank you for posting it.

I made a Codebit for some courses I found on Tommy Copeland's account. I did not have much time to name them all!


Ahah of course I am!

Taken me an hour but finally done it:

From the list can you tell I used to help run the Advanced Javascript group? :laughing:

Seems like I could have saved my self the time and just looked at @steven.copeland post though!

Edit: adding a few more from this post in now.


@steven.copeland adding all the courses you listed in now.


Great! Hope you find some good ones! send me and email of what it looks like in the end


These links all go to the same page.

Edited at 21:52 est:

Last 2 have been corrected. 1st link isn't working.


@biff75 If you look at the list I've used the correct links for all courses given here.

@steven.copeland Might take me a while I have 300+ more courses to add from ones I have taken and can't remember which where actually any good!


@alexcraig @steven.copeland thanks to you both for putting this stuff together


@alexcraig I just thought of away we could get like 500+ courses but unfortunately I deleted an old codbit I had, which had all of the old courses. From Python, Ruby, HTML & CSS, Javascript, etc.


@alexcraig If you go to Tommy Copeland's account and click on badges you can see lots of old courses.


@steven.copeland my account has about 400 old courses on, just need to go through them all :confused:


Hey I can help, I'll try to get as many as I can.


But wow that is a lot of courses


@steven.copeland Cool that would be great! Not sure if a list of 400 exercises would be useful though :confused: Might have to try and see which ones are the best. But it's in the hands of the community now cause it's a wiki so feel free to do anything and everything with it :slight_smile: The important thing is we all link people to it so we can share all these wonderful courses!

P.S. My favourite ones are all the Challenges, Method-Chaining, Markdown (so people actually learn how to sue it) and Ajax.

EDIT: Found a new list!!