Codecademy Helped Me Get a Job! :)

I started learning how to program six months ago, and had next to no programming experience before joining Codecademy Pro. I worked my way through about 75% of the Web Development course over four months.

Then, I had the opportunity to learn Python through a free five-week course with Stanford because of COVID-19. After the course, I did a quick 3-hour crash tutorial on YouTube learning Flask.

Yesterday, I started my first day as a Backend Software Engineer at a small startup in Silicon Valley. It’s possible! Thank you Codecademy, and especially the supportive community here.


Congratulations!! I just started 4 days ago so your post is definitely motivational!


That is pretty awesome, congratulations! I’ve personally just started and similar to yourself starting with little to no experience with the hope of pursuing a change in career somewhere down the line!

Best of luck to you and your new career!
P.s. Thanks for the motivational boost


@rpgbx that’s really Wonderful to hear. I’m currently studying Data Science Path and it’s been over 1 month and completed 50% of the Path. I’m also studying hard so i can make Codecademy and my Parents Proud. Thanx for sharing such great Story with us. May you achieve success in your Life.:innocent::raised_hands:


Wish you good luck for future endeavors :slight_smile:


That’s Awesome… let’s us know it’s possible, thanks for sharing


I am looking to start again and hopefully get a new career at the end. I have coded a website years ago at school, and have dabbled in lua for a game I play. I also did the codecademy HTML course (free) a while ago and found it to have gaps. I am now considering going pro as there seems to be a lot more stuff there…