Codecademy got me started

Just a quick note to thank the Codecademy team for what they do. I was floundering when trying to learn web development back in 2012. I think Codecademy was pretty new at the time. I’d tried learning from books (too slow) and in an online college course but the classes were awful. To this day I’m shocked at how bad they were. Nothing was clicking that well until I found Codecademy. Then, in just a few weeks, I picked up HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. I started building web applications and never looked back.

That leap wasn’t easy. My first real project was a simple video game using jQuery animations and I had to spend a lot of time going over my completed Codecademy lessons, using the Codecademy lab, and just searching Google till I wanted to tear my hair out. Slowly though, one feature at a time, I got my game working. Then I went on to even more challenging projects.

Today I can code in all the languages above plus several other languages. I write apps as part of my job in information technology and I’ve written everything from network utilities to a speed test clone to an inventory tracking system built from scratch. I’ve taken freelance clients and I run a local coding group ( with over five hundred members, where I teach web development for free to anyone who wants to learn. Codecademy is, of course, part of our curriculum.

So, basically, you guys rock. Without Codecademy I honestly do not know if I would have been successful learning to code. I can’t wait to see what you do with your new courses.

Hope to learn along members on this platform

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Thanks so much for sharing your story Matt! It’s particularly great that now that you’e learned yourself that you’re giving back through this local coding group. :slight_smile:


I’m super excited to be able to follow the same path!

I’ve always considered myself technically minded when it comes to anything relating to a computer, but I’ve never learned web coding / programming / design etc. as they were always very intimidating to me. I’m so happy that I’ve found Codecademy and that it clearly seems to be a revolutionary tool for people. I look forward to hopefully learning new skills to advance my career and knowledge too.