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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to continue a course on a mobile version on your tablet?

I’d be very glad to help build such course to have an app on my Kindle tablet to refresh on some basics.

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I personally never understood the affection people have with coding on tablets and mobile phones, given all the characters (=,.-/"{[]}()) you need, and aren’t very easy to reach on a tablet.

Apart from this, codecademy’s focus is currently not making the site mobile suitable. Don’t forget ACE (codecademy’s IDE) is fully web-based, there is quit a bit happening under the hood.

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You could change the keyboard layout specifically for this app so that such characters are easier to reach.
You’d have an app which enables to communicate with the back-end structure & server-side content.

Speaking of that … having an offline version of it would be helping as well on a commute.

Again, not codecademy’s focus at the moment. An app, you make it sound simple. A app with integrated IDE and custom keyboard (not sure that an app can even do a custom keyboard). It is not that simple, and not what codecademy is focusing on.

What? The lessons offline? You can sometimes download use websites for offline usage, but not sure that would work well with codecademy. If you don’t have internet access you can always code on your pc, build your own programs. Is very good for your coding skills.

@stinzo codecademy’s main focus is on Web Developing, and I don’t see how you could do this on an app. As for coding on a tablet, I have tried that, and it is almost impossible(Though I wouldn’t mind if the iPad pro supported programming on their OS).

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I tried using codecademy on my ipad, and it doesnt work for JavaScript and python, but it does work for java, though it is more difficult

That’s funny you would said something like that and if you go poking around google play there’s several apps that have mobile IDE and as far a “custom keyboard” just have the characters above the keyboard like this app
I suggest checking out this app
I work constantly and I’m a father of two little boys. My phone is the only device with me constantly so if codecademy’s focus isn’t mobile my focus isn’t codeademy’s courses. Get with the times codecademy! Focus on mobile!

i know this apps exist, i still would never use them. (but that is a personal opinion)

Nope, codecademy has no interest in moving to mobile platform