Codecademy go


I don’t understand if Codecademy and Codecademy Go are linked in any way.

It looks like they are completely unrelated in terms of courses you are doing on one end or the other one, I just wanna be sure 100%.

I thought you could actually refresh your lessons on Codecademy Go, maybe without the exercises part, but it looks like you only use the same account you use for the regular Codecademy.

Am I right?


Hello @umbertopandini967787, welcome to the forums! As far as I’m aware, the Codecademy Go app lets you practise what you’ve learnt; it gives you quizzes and so on, but you can’t take the lessons like you can using the website. There may also be some courses that aren’t on Codecademy Go (because some courses might not have had the traffic to make it feasible, or something like that.)
I hope this helps!