Codecademy Go on Android 13


I get an error when trying to install Codecademy Go on my Pixel 7 Pro (Android 13). Do we know when this will be available? The Codecademy website states it is compatible with all versions from Android 6+ …


Same here on a poco F3 with android 13

I don’t think they’re updating the app anymore. (?)
I thought I saw a similar question answered here a little while back.

Wow, what a shame. They need to remove it from their website then because the app was one of the reasons I purchased a membership! Feel a bit mis-sold now.

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I suggest reaching out to CS and ask them for information.

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They responded to say they are working on it and it will be a couple more weeks… here’s hoping! :slight_smile:


Any update on this by chance?

I asked them the same question, just this week, when I signed up and was also told it will be a few weeks till its updated.

Feel very mis sold as I thought the app would be perfect with my on the go lifestyle.

Quite disappointing that a company that trains in code/tech cant keep their own app up to date…

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