Codecademy Go iOS app not working

Hi! The Codecademy Go mobile app for iOS is not working. It keeps prompting me to add a reminder and allow notifications, but will not let me access the content even though I am logged in.

I have the same issue. It used to work just fine, but since a few days it’s like that.

Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

Are you guys running the latest iOS version? Also, has anything changed recently like your subscription status?


I am also having same issue. I’m facing it after updating it to latest iOS.


Same here, latest IOS version.
No change in subscription

Yeah weird. It’s working for me. Hmm. Have you guys tried going to Codecademy Help and submitting a request?

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I am having the same problem on iOS.

I submitted a request with the team.
Thanks for the advice.

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I am not able to sign in to the Codeacademy Go iOS app on iPhone 11. I updated my phone iOS, deleted and redownloaded the app to no avail. Nothing happens when I hit sign in. I have a premium account.

Same here but in android. Can’t get past the choose course page.