Codecademy Go app

Hi, it would be nice if the application was fully functional with all fully populated themes.

Yes, it would be even more useful if the application could provide some coding environment instead of choosing between multiple questions.

What do you mean by “themes”?

The whole point of CC Go is to test one’s knowledge on the fly by answering questions/spotting the differences between the answers given, not to write code.

I mean topic.
Well, to make the whole thing functional!

What do you mean by “to make the whole thing functional”?

Any path or course you’re currently enrolled in (on your dashboard) will appear in your CC Go app. If you unenroll, then they are removed from the app.

I mean, currently when you go on CG, you have noticed that there are sections of the paths you are enrolled that are still under construction, which means are unavailable for practice currently. This is what i am talking about and i only hope it is rapidly made available for all to enjoy.