Codecademy for kids

Hi team,

just wondering if Codecademy is planning (or perhaps looked at in the past) making courses or meet-ups specifically for kids?

I remember reading somewhere that Codecademy is for over 13s only but was curious if a product for younger users is/was on the horizon.


It’s not that Codecademy content is only for 13+. It’s because of legal restrictions (see: Children’s Online Privacy Act (aka COPPA)) that an account & participation in the Forums has an age requirement of 13 and older.

Please see:


Thank you kindly. That was really helpful and informative.

I’d be curious to know however whether anyone would know if a Codecademy product just for children is/was ever on the cards - or did Scratch / Code Ninjas corner that market already? Do parents perhaps prefer physical schools when it comes to teaching youngsters how to code?

I was thinking, If Codecademy got to the younger learners early on, they could be more likely to then move on to regular Codecademy courses later.


While I’m not a teacher (and don’t work for CC, so I can’t speak to their content/product ideas) I would say that even younger kids can learn a programming language via CC (or even YouTube). Perhaps a parent can sit with them through the modules too.

I do know that they have CC for high schoolers.

Maybe @lilybird can chime in with more specifics. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @lisalisaj! And hi @digital7259138477! I’m Lillian, one of the community managers at Codecademy.

We have no plans as of right now to introduce a Codecademy product that is specifically geared toward kids. Our content however is kid-friendly!