Codecademy erased my data

I logged in today and found all python progress gone if codecademy keeps screwing up I am going to use a NEW site
Sorry new to codecademy forums

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The Python, Ruby and the HTML&CSS courses were all replaced this week. There are other courses changes coming up over the next few months.

Yes, they are updating some(maybe all) the courses, I was mad too because I was ttthhhiiissss close(:mortar_board:) to finishing, just start over, it will actually benefit you. By re-doing the courses it will refresh you on the syntax.

Question is…will I eventually get all my progress back? (I finished everything in the old Python lessons).

For the courses that are tagged with “progress will be affected”, this applies: “any partial or full progress you might have had will be lost. All achievements will be maintained”. That sounds to me like, no, you will not get your progress back but you will keep your badges.

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