Codecademy editor hanging indefinitely

Hi all,

I was just about to complete the Ruby course and had to reload the page only for the editor to hang indefinitely. Find screenshot below. I doesn’t seem to be this particular excercise but the whole website itself. Anyone experienced or currently experiencing this?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

[Edit] This hanging seems to only happening on the Ruby course.

have the same problem with python but the admins dont seem to care…they just ignore it. i have send an email also with a screenshot and its been 3 days now no answer. i really wanted to learn to programm but this bug kinda left me drained. it works for 30 mins and then it just loads for ever or straight form the start loading for ever. coming home after 10 hours thinking the whole day that i might get to learn code and have some fun only to get even more frustrated… if they no longer support this courses why have them on the site anyway?


the admins dont seem to care…they just ignore it

Codecademy care’s a lot, but due to the high number of users (in the millions), and small number of staff (twenty-ish, last I checked), it’s simply not possible for them to respond to every email.

The current backend for the Python, PHP, and Ruby courses is outdated, and the Codecademy course is working on replacing it with something more capable for their needs. Until then though, you’re stuck with an editor that doesn’t always load.

I don’t believe any workarounds have been found, since this is usually caused by the server jamming when it gets a lot of requests if I remember correctly, and that’s not something you can control :slight_frown: