Codecademy deducted $191

Please help me, the Codecademy deducted $191 from my debit card even if the Subscription was cancelled 2 days before the trial ends. I don’t have money left because of this. Please help me get back my money. Please don’t do this to people… Stop doing this.

Hello @voxsw4gen, welcome to the forums! Please vists the help centre for billing questions, as they can’t be dealt with on the forums. I think they should get back to you with in 72 hours.

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Hi, is that possible that they will send back the money?

I’m not entirely sure what Codecademy’s refund policy is, sorry.

@lilybird, do you whether this is likely?

Our Customer Support team will be able to assist you with this. You can see the Pro Refund Policy here.

Hi, I’m sorry that this happened. Have you contacted Customer Support?