Codecademy Data Scientist Path compared to Six Sigma

How would you compare the Data Scientist Path to Six Sigma Certification?
Is what we learn on par/ less than/ or deeper than Six Sigma levels such as black belt? Are they complementary or redundant or in conflict with each other?

Is the Data Science methodology/process presented here analogous to Six Sigma’s DMAIC and DMADV?

The goal of Six Sigma is to reduce manufacturing defects by getting rid of the root causes of variability. It applies also statistical techniques(Statistical Process Control) to confirm these root causes.

There are parts of the DS path that cover hypothesis testing and statistics, but, that’s not the entire makeup of the course. It has many parts–python, sql, data acquisition, data manipulation, wrangling, cleaning, data presentation, etc.
There are several articles that discuss the DS process and its applications–which can be used for business as well as social sciences. So, I would say no, it doesn’t specifically follow Six Sigma and they are different.

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