Codecademy connection problems


Same problem here - constant ‘Connecting to Codeacademy’ on all courses. Tried different browsers, different OSes, locations and ISPs. Any solution? At least a clue to what direction to look at. Thanks!

Course never connects (jimforthewin_50c6c6c)

Similar issues here - have tried 3 different machines (macbook air, imac, and chromebook) using chrome and safari. full internet access otherwise.


Yes, there seem to be server issues, so not much to do except wait while we fix the problem


Yep same issue. It seemed to be fine an hour ago, a bit frustrating.

Lost connection to codeacademy

yes, sorry for any inconvenience caused, technical difficulties are not done on purpose :wink: hopefully the website is back online and working properly as soon as possible


I took the day off to learn :frowning:
Now all I can do is wait… Very frustrating


Please stop making replies which clutter the topic while not adding much value. Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:


Exactly :cold_sweat:
My problem was that the website was blocked in the country in which I live. On the advice of the support team, I installed the Touch VPN extension in the Chrome browser, and the connection was restored.