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Hi everyone!
I saw that Codecademy has a facebook group so I was wondering what do you think is better? The forum or the group or are they both equally good and helpful. By helpful I mean can you find a decent amount of useful info inside the group and is it all mainly serious dedicated learners exchanging info only about the courses and projects and coding related news, and helping each other solve issues they struggle with just like here on the forum.
And is it common that people look for coding collaborators to work on projects together with?
I was planning on joining the group as well hoping I could maybe work on projects with someone or like I said just get help when I’m stuck on something and maybe learn something I didn’t know before. I’m currently taking the Web Development career path and learning javascript at the moment. Does anyone have any experiences with the Web Development career path? Is it advanced enough or should I find some more literature to learn from besides that?
Thanks for the info in advance. :slight_smile:

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@lilybird should be able to help explain some of the differences!

They broadly cover the same areas, whereas Facebook can be slightly more informal and chatty.


Hi, @andela1641. This is a great question ––

Both are great in that they offer useful, sound advice & code help. However, each space is better for a certain purpose.

The Facebook group is great for asking all kinds of beginner questions and poking around to see what other learners are chatting about at any given time. I recommend you scroll through the discussion on Facebook to see what kinds of questions learners are asking each other.

The Forums, however, go in greater depth with code help and more. If you’re working through Codecademy’s curriculum and get stuck, visit the Forums – this is where you’ll find a ton of posts and discussions to peruse.

For example, we have (4) categories and each of those has sub-categories.

Visit the Get Help category for your coding questions. If need help with code, post in the forums because in the forums you’re able to format your code in a post so it’s easy for others to read and respond accordingly. This is way better than copy and paste your code in a Facebook post.

Then there’s a Community category. This is great for random discussion, learner stories and journies, tips, and resources for programmers, and most everything in between. :slight_smile:

Next, you’ll find a category for Project Feedback. Please post your project progress here. Especially if you’re looking to collaborate with other learners! Sharing your work with the community can inspire and motivate others to do the same, and may just lead to cool opportunities–– you never know!

Lastly, we have a category for FAQs. A lot of these FAQs are embedded in Codecademy’s course lessons in the learning environment. Definitely worth a visit!

Hope this helps!



Yes, all the time! Seeing that you’re a Pro member, I recommend you join the Codecademy Lifelong Learner Pro exclusive community to see if anyone wants to collaborate with you.


Thank you so much for all the information. I’ll scroll through the posts on the Codecademy facebook group and most likely join, since I’d love to work on projects with other students one day as well, because from my point of view that’ll be the best way to learn, though practice and coding sessions. So I will definitely check out the Codecademy Pro exclusive community as well as the facebook group.

Thank you once again and best regards!



You’re welcome! Happy coding :v:

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Thank you :slight_smile: