Codecademy coding windows, is not working

I’m really upset with these Codecademy windows, I have good internet everything work good, but when I start coding the internet keep coming and going and the coding windows keep closing, and take more and more time, plus that I cant use this window in my work is not working at

all, I already realm for that but nooo answer

What browser are you using? What o/s? Did you clear the cache? Do you have any extensions installed on the browser that you should disable?

If you’re accessing CC while at work, it might be that your company has something installed on their end that is preventing you from using the CC LE.


I use google chrome, and i have only to extension one for translation and one Grammarly , and yes I clear the cache, will I’m using others web sit my internet speed around 200G, when I open codeacademy it’s down to bites and keeps coming and going

Disable your extensions and try

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See here:


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