CodeCademy Chapters: Is there one focused on Android development?

My free time is very random right now, but I have been looking into Codecademy Chapters because some of them seem to be topic-focused. This bring me to my first question: is there easy way to search the Chapters by their primary topics?

I’m specifically interested in Android development. Can someone point me to such a Chapter?



I’m not really sure if there is one specifically for Android development.
But if you scroll down the chapters page, there is a filter, right under “find city.”

Another place to ask would be over on the Discord server. I’m betting someone would know there.

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It only seems to filter by location, not topic. Or am I missing something? I took your advice, @lisalisaj and posted to the Discord. We’ll see if anyone responds. Thanks!

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You’re welcome!

It filters by subject:

Right, but I saw that but didn’t see mobile development. I’ll take another look, then perhaps put in a suggestion to add a mobile dev filter.

Hah! I found one by filtering for Computer Science and Web Development. I’ll sign up and see how it goes.
Android Development Roadmap


Well, that Chapter was a bust – I signed up, logged in, got Video /Sound working, and nobody let me in. :frowning:

Then I randomly found that there’s a New York Chapter doing mobile development: but there are no meetups planned.

Again, there was no way for me to search for them, which is frustrating. I have opened a suggestion for this functionality, but it doesn’t seem like it’s getting much popularity.