Codecademy Certified Badge

I know this may seem absurd to some of you, but I don’t know where the interactive tutorial for the Certified Badge is. Please send a link, or tell me where to find it. Thank you! :smile:

Your actually not the first person I have seen asking, and I considered asking myself.
The codecademy discobot will run you through it,

Make a private conversation with it and refer to it with the name command.

If you ask, diskobot can lead you through two courses that teach you about the forums, and on completion of the first you will get certified, upon completion of the second you get licensed.

How do you ask diskobot? :laughing:

You start a conversation with @discobot. You can mention it anywhere, and then say ‘help’ or something like that, and it will tell you how to take the new user tutorial.

Edit: See below how to get dicobot help. Sorry for mentioning it here.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks! It works! :slight_smile:


Whenever I say start New User, it says body to similar to another message because before I didn’t know what that did, so I said it, so how do I say it again without it saying I can’t post it?