Codecademy Certificate?

codeacademy is a great learning platform. BUT it should have certificates too! i see some people here say it is not needed in the real world. that is BS. SOME people may not want to use it, that’s up to you. but for some other people it could serve many reasons, such as; proud achievement, motivation, inspiration, or just show people they are dedicating to something.

So, there is no excuse for not having certificates. Not forced down everybody’s throats, but available to anyone who wants one. It doesn’t need to say someone is a master, just that they have completed something. which is true!

Screenshot profile page? is that a joke?

if a webpage is going to serve this purpose, at least make it a presentable link for 3rd parties!

wake up code academy, you are better than sololearn and w3, but youre not acting like it! you get 10% of my study time, but you could be getting 100% stop aiming for coders who want to learn in secret, and welcome coders who want to share what they are doing.

fire the guy in charge of business strategy. lol

for the motivation and inspiration there are badges

Better then w3? w3 - website, better then the guys who make the web recommendation standards? No way. Oh, you mean w3fools? which is no way related to w3. I spoke with someone who hired programmers, they threw away all application letters of everyone who had a w3schools certificate mentioned on there CV.

quit frankly, i would do the same for Codecademy certificates. Don’t get me wrong, codecademy is great. But it teaches how to code, not how to program. Codecademy is great to get started with coding, but afterwards you have to move on. Coding isn’t a very valuable skill. Programming is.

if you think coding and programming are the same thing, you’re wrong.


yep, i meant w3fool. and thanks for the tips. although i was more the angle of a ‘novelty’ certificate. anyway, good to know your perspective, and i learnt the difference between coding and programming today thanks to you and google. because i am a beginner. btw, i still think code academy should have something to show, but i see your point that it is not ‘professionally’ relevant. code academy probably avoiding potential reputation backlash by people possibly saying “those codeacademy certificates aint ■■■■”… so, ok, i get it.

careful with the use of w3fools, still, its gotten better, but it still not there:

quora - why do some developers not recommend w3schools

i would put energy into actually building stuff, this shows your skill level. Its worth more then a certificate, i would be more proud of: Look, i build this rather then: i got a certificate.