Codecademy Career Path/Skill Query

Hello all,

I’ve mostly worked as a System Config/Business Analyst and I’ve recently come in to a new role where I will have a lot more exposure to learn new skills around automation, integrations, databases etc.

I’m looking at the Data Analyst Career path as well as the SQL skill as a starting point.

I’ve got quite a specific set of skills I’d like to learn and wondering if I’m going about the right way.

I’ve worked previously with BI Developers who would be brilliant in turning data into visual concepts, taking data from an excel spreadsheet, bulk raising data on a routine using scripts, manipulating/automating the task to save colleagues countless hours or work.

That in a nutshell is the type of thing I want to learn. I am wondering what people would suggest the best selection would be?

Thanks in advance.

SQL and Python are a part of the DA Career Path.
If you want to delve more into either Python or SQL, you could start with the Python course or one of the SQL courses. Content in these courses overlaps, so once you complete it in one area, it’s automatically completed in the other area(s).

You could also look into learning Tableau for data visualization. You can get a free public Tableau account and learn it via their YT channel or all the free videos in the learning section on their site.

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Thank you for the response.

I’m not sure whether it’s a bit more old school but I find that some of the automated tasks are performed with Powershell scripts.

I’m guessing these same scripts can be repeated within Python anyway?


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I’m not familiar with powershell.

Yes, you can write automated tasks in python.

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