Codecademy bug if I use Chrome


I have found that some lessons you never get approval because the codecademy application says your answer is not the right one, but it hap´pens just working with Chrome, I switched to MS Edge and had no problema with exactly the same code


Here a compilation of encountered Browser problems

fadeTo in jQuery Introduction 11/13 set opacity to 1

opacity not recognized by browser
fontsize NOT recognised, by browser

I'm using Chrome.
font-size is 16.3636360168457px instead of 16px.
You have to enter the 'Settings' => 'Advanced settings' (in the very bottom)
and to chose 100% in the Page scale (in my browser it was 125%).
Color not recognized by browser


Similarly with chrome, at some points the gear widget will load and load continuously, requiring a reload of the page. Issue also seems to reappear if code is unsuccessful.


I'm also having problems in Chrome that are fixed when I use Internet Explorer. I've tried deleting all cookies, etc. The linked questions here don't seem to address this issue. Any ideas?


I do not know but at the moment I am trying to see what is webkit rendering. Perhaps the answer lies here.