Codecademy browser not rendering

I logged on today, using Chrome, and completed 2 lessons. The entire time through the lessons, the codecademy browser on the right would not render any code. I pushed ahead anyway, but now I am on a video player project, and would really like to see my code rendered. I have tried using both Chrome, and then Safari, but same issue. When I initially load the page, the video player is there, but once I hit “run” it disappears, which (according to the steps) it should still be there after I hit run.

Update: I just downloaded FireFox (which, since their update, is pretty sweet), and attempted again on a third browser, but nothing. Three different browsers, still no render. could this be an issue on the Codecademy side of things?

Hello :wave:,
That’s really unfortunate :frowning:

Please have a look at the trouble shooting guide:

I saw the troubleshooting post shortly after submitting this post. It didn’t help out. I have a pretty wicked fast internet. Solid connection. Refreshed on each browser. I can’t seem to figure it out.

I will try and escalate it/get a response but from your side, in the lesson click get help and report it.

Thank you. I’m heading to bed now, but will do tomorrow if the problem persists.

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Hi @kotadev

Apologies for the inconvenience.
I got a report back from the engineers that it has been resolved :slight_smile:

Thank You

It has been, thank you. I appreciate the help and the quick fix, much appreciated!

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