Codecademy App (not synced properly)

Hi there!

I downloaded the Codecademy App (iOS 13.6.1) and it seems that it is not proper synchronized to my webaccount. Though it read the correct amount of streaks it shows a different actual topic to my course “webdevelopment”. Does anybody know how to fix it?

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Same problem here. Can anybody help us?

Ooh, hey @mattliv are you familiar with this issue?

@alyssavigil I’m not super familiar but it might have something to do with us not having all of the course material on the web version available on GO. checking.

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Hi @diogogomes4067704745 can you clarify a bit more about what’s happening here? Are you seeing a different topic in your app than what you are currently working on online? This could be happening because not all of the topics covered on the web are available on the app.

I may am able to clarify this a bit since I still have no solution found on my above stated problem.

I am currently working on the project “Team Stats” in “Web development”. If I open the app on the iPhone I should work on “Arrow functions (ES 6)”. The app does not seem to update my progress even though I progress further using Codecademy via browser. The app itself seems partly updated since it is showing the correct amount of streaks.