Codecademy AMA: March 24 2017

This is an archive of our AMA on March 24, 2017. Thank you everyone for participating! This thread is now closed. If you’d like us to do this again, let us know!

Featured questions and answers:

Short answer: find out which languages you love, build projects in that language, and then keep building them. Read the thread for the long answer!

Top results are xkcd, IAmDevloper, and The Venture Game.

A great place to start is with HTML & CSS and then JavaScript, and then building games with Codecademy projects (see the list here).

Dabbling in different languages is a great way to see what you like - whether you’re an adult or a child! There’s no “right answer” per se but front-end development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript is a great place to start, not least because the highly visual work here is more easily shared and understood by others.

Our hiring manager emphasized the softer skills and not just coding-specific qualifications.

Our team gave some more holistic advice about choosing the right path in learning to code.

Our team shared two playlists they use when coding to a deadline!

Other questions (click on the titles to see the entire thread!):

Thanks everyone for taking part!