Codecademy alternative [PHP]


I have some problems with the PHP ton Codecademy. I read more users who confirm that the PHP tutorials are very buggy. When I press the “Save and submit” button the site keeps loading. I tried many things (CTRL+) F5, different browsers, different PC’s etc. but nothing works.

So does someone know a good alternative for the PHP tutorials? I know there are many tutorials online but I like the Codecademy tutorials: You get an explanation and make a exercise about it. When you completed the exercise the site checks your answer and gives a tip when it is wrong.

Hopefully someone can recommend me something (Or a solution for the Codecademy bug).


Honestly i dont find a solution to this “bug”. I already posted about it but nothing happened… i would reccomend you to search and find free books here. Hope this helped!

For example a good book would be:

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Have a look at this list