Codecademy 2019 Updates


This post is about Codecademy updates for 2019. As soon as the news of each update comes out they will appear on this topic.

the following updates will be announced:

  • course updates
  • server updates
  • feature additions/removals

Therefore, STAY TUNED to keep up with all the 2019 updates.


Great idea! One update that I can share is that we’ll be posting video content regularly (twice a week or more) to our YouTube channel, so would encourage y’all to subscribe to never miss an update here on Codecademy!


Nice job! I like this idea! Also I would like to welcome you to Codecademy! I hope you enjoy it here! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! I’ll make sure to read everything here so I will stay updated :sunglasses:


Thanks! i really appreciate that.