Codebit challenge


I was thinking it would be nice to have a challenge which would help people show their skills. So I am starting a codebit challenge. Everyone is welcome! When I say everyone I mean it. The rules are the following:

  1. Post a link to the codebit in this topic.
  2. If you have the code in a language that codebits do not support(like Ruby and Python) then just post the code
  3. You must post by April 30th because the contest ends then
  4. You are not allowed to have code from other sites. If you do copy and paste the code into a codebit
  5. Do not comment on other peoples codebits
  6. The allowed languages are HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Python, PHP, and Ruby
  7. I am looking for good styling to, so an HTML & CSS project might be better then a game
  8. Please when you have an entry just post the link.

Styling is one of the most important things I am looking for.

Read my post below if you do not know how to make a codebit.

Also please vote here.
Any Questions message me using discuss.

Have fun coding!

Steven Copeland


If you don't know how to make a codbit read this post

To make a new codebit got to your profile

next scroll until you see:

click on browse all codebits

click the new codebit button. You should see this screen:

now start coding!!


So it's not necessarily a codebit challenge, but just a coding challenge?

I'd recommend instead then, because Codepen is better in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Any particular thing we're supposed to do in code, or is it just showing off our best?


well, you have to have your code in a codebit unless it is a language codebits do not support


So you could make something entirely in a non supported language outside of codebits completely?


like what? Because it has to be a language I can check.


That may be so but a lot of members might have parental controls that restrict access to only a few sites, such as this one. Codebits is on this domain so they should still be able to access it. In my opinion we should stick to this environment since it is one that everyone is familiar with. As well, it might be best to confine the challenge to JavaScript, jQuery, Python and Ruby.


I wrote down what posts in the topic now. But included PHP


Looks like a good idea, Steven.

Maybe come up with a goal they need to accomplish with their code?


I should of made a theme.


maybe I should wait to do that because if people(assuming someone is working) were working on their codebits I would not want to change it so they would then have to change theirs


Maybe a theme... Maybe just something everyone needs to do, and whomever
does it in the way that accomplishes the goal most accurately, and in a way
most user-friendly, would win. Just shoving ideas at you. Feel free to use
them, or not.


I am just thinking about people who have already started the challenge. But if I do it again then I will.:wink:


Just showing off your best

Might do it next time.


@mtf I was going to have a vote but do you think that is a good idea? I mean, because people might get upset about that.


A vote on the best codebit?


well, more like a poll


Yeah, I was going to suggest you do a poll. I think it's a good idea, of course you'd have to wait until you get some code posted here first :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah I was not quite sure if I should because like I said:


Maybe you should do a poll about whether you should make a poll or not :wink: