Can someone help me with the command line; I’m stuck on the 2nd step. I followed the directions and it still will not allow me to go the next step. Here is the link:

are you sure you typed an l (of lima) and not -1 (number)?

can you show a sceenshot

yes, I tried both, it returns what it should, but I can’t actually move to the next step:

both ls and the -l flag are the letter l, this command doesn’t contain any numbers

given the -l flag gives permissions and additional information, and i don’t see this output anywhere in your screenshot, seems you haven’t gotten it right yet

got it to work thanks

you’re welcome

for the next time, please include information like the screenshot when creating the topic. This allows us to help you better and faster, which profits you :slight_smile:

(This also applies to other people reading this topic and consider to create a new topic)

Wouldn’t it be easier to have rules clearly stated when one creates a new topic? A few bullet points wouldn’t go amiss and would greatly help not only the people seeking help, but moderators as well.

There are guidelines but little evidence they are ever referred to. The mods have been begging for years. I’m just glad the member posted a link in the OP.

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I’m stuck on this one now, I follow the instructions and cannot go to the next step:

You did not change to the comedy directory, first.

$ cd comedy
$ ls -alt

thanks it worked, can you help me with this?
Navigate to the historical/ directory.

List all files and directories in the working directory. You should see a new copy of cleopatra.txt in this directory.

What does navigate mean?

moving from one directory to another, in the windows file explorer you click a folder to do this, in the command line, you need to change directory with the cd command (cd = change directory)

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