Codeacademy should reconsider policy of renewing fee, i am your biggest fun but

Few days ago i expirienced unpleasant surpsrise, when my bank informed me about 250 euros charged, of course i didn`t knew what is going on, after checking of listing i feled very sad. I would expect something like that from thousands of subjects here in Serbia, but you guys. This is for me more than learning patform, it sends to world a powerfull message about our reality and science, giving us oportunity to participate, that is not simply learning people things, its a mission. I mean no dissrespecting, but check button, yes i agree for you to charge me for next year automaticaly, before further and below email notice. In the middle of 50% off discount. I simply assumed that something like that doesnt have too much chance to happen. I was shocked with relevation that someone here is adopting, low rank gang ethical approach to things. If someone read this and can pull a few desicion my deepest feel is to reinvent that process. What if my financial situation of my family wasnt so great of what ever reason. I am not your employee. I also dont feel like i am your investitor. But comeone, we are talking basic ethichs here. Please make a visible notice for people to expect that. And send the God ■■■■ emails. Is that so hard??? ■■■■ this

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Hi there :wave:

I sent you a DM with more information that will hopefully help.