Codeacademy path

I have completed learning html course in codeacademy pro.So i will probably learn css next.So what after completing my css should i do? i find a lot of courses in codeacademy that are about css intermediate and some parts of css are given as seperate course. Should i complete all those courses or shall i do something else ? please be specific and brief in your answer/suggestion.

sounds like you are interested in web development. Have you considered trying one of our Career Paths like Front-End Engineering or Full-Stack Engineering?

The benefit of career paths is that they connect all relevant content together from introduction topics to full blown React apps.

but sir i wanted to learn more and explore all the coding languages and yehh! i am also interested in web-d so what will be your suggestion? like should i explore html and css and css have a lot of sub courses in it in the codeacademy so should i try all of em or shall i take a course on web-d in codeacademy ? or can i do both at a time ?

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