Codeacademy not marking tasks as complete

When I completed the first few lessons last week Codeacademy would mark the tasks as complete when I had done it properly, I found this helpful.

Now it’s not doing that and I can mark a task as complete whether I have done it or not, this is not helpful.

Is this broken, is it a feature I can switch on and off, or is it only available on the first few lessons?


Hi, welcome to the forums.

Do you have a link to the lesson you’re referring to?

Some of the summary projects you have to click on each task yourself. If one chooses to not do it/write the code, then I guess one is only cheating themselves, no?

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Hi - thanks for the response.

I’m not interested cheating, it was just a nice feature that confirmed the command had been entered correctly. It told me I was doing it right. Without it I may think I have completed the task correctly, tick the box and move on but actually I was doing it wrong, I would never know.

Does your code produce the results it’s supposed to/answer each question or is there an error?

There is no error, and the code produces what I want it to.

I’m trying to find out specifically about the feature that was there when I did my first lessons and now is not there.

I was hoping if someone could tell me, whether the feature is broken, you can switch it on/off or if it is only available in the first few lessons.

The tasks would go red if I entered the code incorrectly and then the task would tick and turn green when I entered it correctly. It was very helpful and I’m just trying to find out about this feature.


Yep, I hear what you’re saying.
That is the feature–you have to mark off the checkboxes as you complete the tasks.
If there is an error in your code you’ll see that, or a blank screen.

There are always different ways to write code to achieve the same answer. Some ways are more efficient than others. Most people write what they know and what makes sense to them and then improve/go from there.