Codeacademy has surpassed my expectations

bold So, before I say anything… I would like to first say how ive probably gone through atleast 100 different websites trying to find the best ones for cheapest and I am not going to mention names for obvious reasons bold

I am here to say to the creators,

Well Done.

Really is amazing stuff here, and it actually clicks… you know? its something you still remember when you wake up the next morning!..

I will be getting my subscriptions every month as well but I just had to say this before I go back to my studying


Welcome to the community! Don’t forget to come back to the Forums if you ever get stuck, need help or are looking to see what other learners are up to!


I just really want to agree with this!! I tried 3 other platforms and did not enjoy them, but this has been so fun and somewhat easy!

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woah, 3 others? And what makes Codecademy stand out for you?