CodeAcademy generally not working, glitchy and frequent disconnects

Hello, im sal. I’ve come to code academy to try their Pro_ trial. I’ve begun the trial, and am pursuing the “Learn the Command line” course.

I often get the “Disconnected from CodeAcademy” notification, or sometimes it just doesnt connect at all. Also, sometime the site allows me to use the Pro_ features included in the trial, but sometimes they are completely absent and the site invites me to upgrade to pro if i want access to them. When I input commands into the bash terminal, it takes a long time for the server to respond, or if it does respond, often bring a full screen pop up asking my (very condescendingly) if I’m stuck and want a hint, when in reality im just exploring the file system before actually inputting the command required to complete the lesson. Sometimes I simply want to print the working directory before i begin navigating as instructed, but the system recognises that as me failing to input the correct command, and pops up the annoying notification again.

I don’t know if this is by design, of if these problems are accidental. But it is really annoying and inhibits the learning process.

Thanks you.

Hi Sal, typically these sorts of things are rooted in firewall settings or things like ad blockers. Check this out for more info:

If you’re still having problems, contact our support team!