CodeAcademy Customer Service

Why does it feel like CodeAcademy doesn’t care about their customer base?

Why does it feel like CodeAcademy doesn’t care about education, but instead, malicious business practices?

I have been contacting customer support for 3 days in a row to solve a problem relating to payment. However, I have been constantly ignored even after filing multiple tickets.

This is extremely disheartening. It gives me more perspective about why people have dissuaded me from purchasing pro.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues.
You submitted a request here?

In my experience, one thing to not do is submit multiple tickets on the same subject. That becomes confusing for the CS as each ticket is assigned a number, person working on the issues, etc.


I guess I misspoke. I submitted 1 ticket and replied to the ticket mutiple times throughout this week.

Hi there.

I think the majority of tickets get a response within 72 hours, so depending on when you originally logged the ticket I would imagine you should get a response imminently. :slight_smile:

I hope so. This issue has been giving me a lot of stress and worry.

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